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Bishop Manhanga has lost the plot

ALL along I was not sure whether Bishop Trevor Manhanga is a fully fledged Zanu PF activist or not.

I am happy that his long-winded article “GPA: Outstanding issues are mere trivia,” in the Herald of December 5 left me, together with many, convinced that indeed Manhanga has become one.
In short, Manhanga opined that the most urgent outstanding GPA issues are national healing, reconciliation, economic empowerment and development. According to him the issue of the appointments of Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana is irrelevant as far as Zimbabweans are concerned.
The truth, however, is that there will not be economic development and national reconciliation in Zimbabwe as long as Gono and Tomana continue in their current positions.
Firstly, Zimbabwe will not prosper economically without development assistance from international partners. These partners have made it clear that they will not pull us out of the deep hole Zanu PF has dug for us as long as Gono is at the helm of the RBZ. This should be clear and simple to understand but it seems he deliberately ignores this reality.
The budget announced by the Finance minister Tendai Biti has a deficit of US$810 million which needs to be bridged by international partners.
How are we going to get such critical support when donors have categorically stated that as long as he is still there, our bowl will remain empty?
Secondly, turning to reconciliation and national healing, the hindrance to such is none other than  Tomana. There will not be any reconciliation and national healing in this country as long as Tomana does not prosecute murderers, rapists, vandals and hoodlums of last year’s presidential run-off.
As long as those who murdered our relatives are seen walking freely and bragging about it in countryside beer halls, reconciliation and national healing will remain elusive.
Bishop Manhanga, reconciliation can only be possible when there has been restorative justice.
Thirdly he suggested that Roy Bennett still believes that the land reform programme is not final. It is not only Roy Bennett who believes that the barbaric land “reform” is not over.  The land reform programme will be over when a comprehensive audit has been done and when looters are exposed for what they are. No amount of propaganda will mask the ruinous multiple farm owners and looters of private property.

Percival Munjoma,

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