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I WOULD like to put the record straight about what happened when about 2000 Zimbabwean immigrants were forced to leave their homes outside Cape Town recently. Zimbabweans themselves have not told the truth about what led to the attacks by the South Africans.

The truth is that it was the labour brokers who hired immigrants to work on the farms. It was a deal between the brokers and farmers who also benefit because the desperate Zimbabweans do not ask for higher wages or what the government wants the farmers to pay workers. The Zimbabweans accept to work for low pay while South Africans insist on being paid government stipulated wages. This has angered locals who feel they are being cheated by foreigners who take bread from their mouths.
The government in South Africa has even gone out of its way to protect the immigrants. Most of those working on the farms claim to have fled Zimbabwe to escape persecution yet there is no war in Zimbabwe and people have been lying about the situation in Zimbabwe to get asylum papers.
It’s a pity that the Home Affairs ministry in South Africa has been encouraging the refugees to claim asylum when they are simply looking for jobs.

Thabo Kunene,

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