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Meikles targets growth

SANCTIONS are good for motivating someone to reform. Even God employed certain measures to force Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go. To Robert Mugabe I say give us our freedoms and the sanctions will go.

IT was disingenuous for Zanu PF to suggest that the appointment of the RBZ governor and the Attorney-General were not outstanding issues. Furthermore the GPA is very clear in stating that the president shall make senior government appointments in consultation with the PM and cabinet. In any case the Sadc communiqué issued in January is binding on all parties to the GPA. I urge the press to republish the GPA in full.

I THINK the reason why Roy Bennett is continuously persecuted is that he crossed the floor from Zanu PF to the MDC-T.

EVEN my local village kraal-head can deduce that the Roy Bennett court case is a sham. He would have long told the prosecutors to stop wasting the court’s time.  Shame on all those involved in bringing about the continuity of the trial.

CONGRATULATIONS to Woza activists for being awarded the 2009 Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award. The men of Zimbabwe should arise also.

WHEN are we going to get a decent daily newspaper to read? I am very tired of the drivel penned by the Herald columnists.

JOICE Mujuru’s outburst at Tendai Biti was good if it was expressed in solidarity with the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. However if it was for some partisan and/or personal agenda, then it was very unfortunate. Thumbs up to Tendai Biti for a mature reaction!

I WOULD like to remind Joice Mujuru about her outburst to Joshua Nkomo about Strive Masiyiwa. Where would Telecel and Econet be today if she had been listened to?

ZANU PF and democracy are just like oil and water. That Botswana has democracy cannot be debated –– maybe only by those who have a modicum of democracy. Zanu PF desperately needs a thorough lecture on democracy.
ZIMBABWE is a country that cannot even learn from its neighbours. If it was in Zimbabwe, Nelson Mandela would never have become the president. First because he is from a minority tribe and secondly all political parties in Zimbabwe have little or no proper forums, which for clarity I will call matare/inkundla.
These have traditionally been the means by which a party is given guidance by the entire leadership
of the party not from its leader
alone. This culture does not even exist in the MDC-T let alone Zanu PF. It’s a bleeding shame really! It’s impossible in Zimbabwe to have a situation where a president is removed or  recalled from office by the party such as the case of Thabo Mbeki.

SANITY still prevails in South Africa despite the terrible crime statistics. The South African president is queried on almost each decision he makes by the opposition and other stakeholders. I believe that most Zimbabweans desire such a system instead of waiting for the international media such as CNN to quiz the president or any official.

HAVING a vision and being steadfast lead a man to glory, wisdom and success. We salute you PM Morgan Tsvangirai and we shall tell generations to come about the efforts you have made to bring peace and prosperity to the nation. The question  is what shall we tell generations to come about President Robert Mugabe?

MY electricity bill has accumulated to around US$770 since February, 90% of that is the monthly US$67 fixed charge. Is that fair Energy minister Elias Mudzuri?
Switched off.

WHY are soldiers and all other security personnel excluded from the civil service payroll audit? Include everyone.

I APPEAL to Econet to install a base station at Mushumbi centre. We are in total network isolation.

WHAT has happened to your sub-editors? In the rugby article of your November 13-19 issue, there was an interesting phrase “a side step deft as a brush”. This is a new simile to me. I am sure the player referred to has an adroit side step, but is neither silly nor stupid which is the usual meaning of “daft as a brush”.
Is this a malapropism, or just a changing idiom?

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