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Politicians should leave DWTL alone

ONE of the issues worsening the situation at David Whitehead Textiles Ltd (DWTL) is the interference in the company’s affairs by politicians in Mashonaland West. While this interference is limited to only two or three politicians, what it has done is to strain relations between management and staff.

Over the years, these unashamed politicians have been abusing employees at DWTL as a political
tool by virtue of the company
being the largest employer in Mashonaland West. The province has become one of the most difficult areas in Zimbabwe to operate for business.
The demands from people who claim to be political godfathers in the province are weighing down on business.
In the case for DWTL, what this has done is to create a situation where employees, abetted by the politicians, have come to fancy themselves as wielding the most power. Management has been relegated to bystanders.
Feeling all politically powerful, these workers have over the years paid little attention to issue of production and productivity.
Despite their misplaced priorities, they have all the same demanded more in terms of salaries and wages resulting in the current situation whereby the National Employment Council for the industry has been pressured into awarding unreasonable pay hikes that have forced industry players to file for bankruptcy.
Interestingly, their political godfathers are starting to interfere even with the process of setting retrenchment packages that are usually a function of affordability.
If these workers are not careful, they may live to regret it. Politicians are always politicians, they can promise you the moon and when nothing materialises it would not bother them. It is time workers stopped listening to politicians and instead do that which they believe in.

Taona Shamu,

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