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Politicians must be held accountable

POLITICIANS can write as many laws as they like to protect themselves but in the end we will need to know who should be held accountable and understand why we as a nation had to suffer so much.

Vengeance is the natural state of man and forgiveness is a process which cannot be done through a politician’s writing of laws that give them absolution.
We need our “day in court” as a nation along with our own truth and reconciliation process to heal and move us forward as a nation.
Why were so many Zimbabweans butchered in the south of the country in the 1980s? Why were our families torn apart to form the Diaspora. Many of us were raped, tortured, beaten and killed in politically motivated violence.
Why were our savings and wealth, after years of industrious hard work, destroyed by hyperinflation? Why were we denied the truth for all these years? These and many other questions need to be answered before we can move forward as a nation and rebuild after the devastation caused by Zanu PF. If all these things were done for our benefit then I would imagine that those who were in control would be willing to explain this to us rather than write laws to protect themselves.

A Patriot,

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