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ZANU PF needs MDC-T more to claim legitimacy to the outside world so they should tread carefully and adhere to the GPA.

CHAIBVA must think before he opens his mouth. He is one of
the Zanu PF devils who worked tirelessly to destroy MDC from inside. You can never beat light if you are darkness.

THANKS to MDC-T for the first time in years Zimbabweans will have a happy Xmas, with plenty of food.

ECONET we are tired of you charging us for undelivered messages. Be careful Telecel is becoming more attractive by the day. We want value for our dollars.

GIVEN the two organs’ inabilities to achieve their respective objectives, and in the interests of saving scarce national resources, I suggest that the organ on national healing and reconciliation and Jomic be disbanded. Political intolerance, violence and other serious violations of the GPA have of late escalated to unprecedented levels. In line with results-based budgeting philosophy, these two organs should not even get a single cent from treasury. I challenge them to justify their existence and mandate.
Zim patriot and realist.

UN torture expert Nowak should have consulted Annan or Mandela first before coming to Zimbabwe. Sadc troika aside, ministers like Mumbengegwi could have been busy planting crops. After all they are multiple farm owners.

IMAGINE Zesa charging a minimum US$70 per month with power use US$6 per month. They claim that the basic charge is for their equipment on site which in my case has been paid for over 50 years. Pure extortion.

ALL thanks to Alexander Kanengoni for confirming my long held suspicion. You are such a diligent Zanu PF disciple. Now be open about it like Tomana.

YOU got it wrong about Mutambara being kingmaker. Voting
against the Gono Bill will spell their doom.

THE Zanu PF independent MP Prof Jonathan Moyo thinks Zimbabweans do not use common sense. Hold on Moyo, for you have not seen anything yet.

ZANU PF should worry about turncoats who portray it as so foolish that it cannot see beyond its nose or recognise its rabid detractors. The worm Zanu PF recently re-absorbed returned more for self-preservation than party interests. After allegedly swindling hefty funds from a foreign foundation for personal gain, grabbing three farms thus trashing party policy and ruthlessly lambasting the party and the generality of its leadership from the highest level before joining, and after the divorce from the party the turncoat is maliciously taking cover from the consequences of his sins. It has nothing to do with freedom of association and choice. Watch him as he seeks to further soil the party’s image and alienate the people from the party.

IF ever Gono and Zanu retards bring back the Zimbabwe dollars let all firms close, then all Zimbabweans can go and settle and loot from our chefs’ farms for the sake of solidarity.

MAY Zanu PF remove the sanctions they imposed on ordinary Zimbabweans since 2000. We are tired of people who blame all their failures on sanctions instead of poor policies. Enough is enough.

CAN Zimind please throw light on the rumour that government printers are busy printing Zim notes for imminent change back to the Zimdollar for Zanu PF chefs’ perks to be reinstated?

WHY did president Mugabe sign the GPA — to hoodwink the world again? Sanctions must remain until he shows change.

THE Zim government is the only one that can make people pay for services not rendered. Maybe Julius Malema should come and lead service delivery protests since he is from a “friendly” party that doe not have regime change agenda.

WE don’t care what political parties said about any of the draft constitutions. This time the people will have their way. Politicians, especially Zanu PF, butt out.

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