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MDC-M detractors will fail to destroy the party

THE Arthur Mutambara-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-M) is scaling greater heights despite the hostile efforts of chequebook scribes.

The MDC is an institution with resources and the capacity to deal with political problems within the party. I am pleased to say that the Mutambara of yesteryear is different from the Mutambara of today.

Mutambara is a young intellectual with the necessary attributes to become a head of state if he plays his cards right. We see a black foreign hand in the crusade to demonise Mutambara and his MDC formation, which is a shame and sheer waste of time.

We shall remain steadfast, committed and well focused because some of us believe in quality and principled leadership. To date we are happy with the performance of Mutambara and his team in the inclusive government. Political prostitution by some MPs in the MDC-M is alarming and shameful.

The MPs should be expelled as a matter of urgency because we cannot afford to have double-faced legislators in our midst.

If it is Zanu PF’s CIO or MDC-T which is causing confusion, I advise them to stop now. We are not in this game to make up numbers but to wrestle political power from the embattled Robert Mugabe regime.

Yes, we entered the previous elections when the party was at its lowest ebb but we are turning the tables and boosting confidence in the electorate, and our capacity is now more visible than before when considering the performance of Mutambara and his team in the inclusive government.

Those willing to go should go now as deputy secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga stated in her statement after the split on 12 October. A rebel will die a rebel, and it is good for the party to offload excess baggage now rather than later.

Kurauone Chihwayi,
Chihwayi is MDC-M Harare Provincial Secretary for Information and Publicity. He writes here in a personal capacity.

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