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GPA Negotiators Must be Serious

THE Masvingo MDC-M leadership is really aggrieved by lack of seriousness in the full implementation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

It solely blames the GPA negotiators and principals for lack of sincerity to the suffering man on the street. 

Shame is not on the people of Zimbabwe but on them, the implementers of the GPA. The three principals do not have the people at heart. How can they let the few remaining issues derail the recovery of our beloved nation?

It does not take days to just appoint new governors, swear in Roy Bennett and let go either the RBZ governor or the Attorney-General. One of them should just go. Once that is done then we have to see what excuse the Western countries and other sceptical people will give. Why should the whole nation suffer because of a few individuals? Isn’t Zimbabwe greater than the principals?

They should just use their power as principals to sort out this mess. We can’t clamour for the sanctions to go first because at the end of the day it’s not the ordinary person in the US or Britain who is suffering but ordinary Zimbabweans.

A negotiator with people at heart would not say 30 days is not enough to agree and implement the outstanding issues. Ask any unemployed family man or woman who can’t feed his/her family if 30 days is not enough.

Shame on the negotiators and implementers of the GPA. They need to be locked in a room and only freed when they have finalised the outstanding issues and are ready to jointly demand the removal of sanctions.

Also, why wait for other negotiators who are enjoying useless foreign trips when the few remaining issues can be resolved between MDC-T and Zanu PF which after all have to do with these issues.  For our leaders in government to say there is no alternative to the GPA is another insult to Zimbabweans. There are other viable options such as to call for fresh free and fair elections or for them to resign and let other serious and people-centred Zimbabweans lead the nation to a better future.

Jomic is one useless body that needs to be abolished or revamped. What has Jomic achieved so far to justify their existence and burden to the taxpayer? Different people need to be appointed onto Jomic so that we don’t have the negotiators as members. They are simply asking the implementer to monitor himself and what do you expect; one to shower oneself with praises as an achiever? We the common people say Jomic is a useless board.

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