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IT’S not true to say that the MDC-T and Zanu PF are equals considering that Tsvangirai was leading in March. The MDC is more equal than Zanu PF; maybe Zanu PF will be more popular in the next world

SADC has just given Zanu PF another 30 days to loot and destroy Zimbabwe’s agriculture, business and to generally perpetrate further abuse.

WE urgently need an exorcist to exorcise Zanu PF leaders and acolytes who are repeatedly being spooked by the ghost of regime change. It is not Europe that wants to see your backs but sons and daughters of Zimbabwe. You can harp on about the regime change ghost but be reminded that change is obvious.
Vicar General.

THE Zimbabwe cricket team currently in South Africa must be sued for dragging cricket into disrepute.
A Mthombeni.

IT baffled me early this year to see vegetable vendors holding sets of vouchers and government-printed payslips, knowing what they did in life, but after the story about the findings of the audit team I got a clearer picture.
Nyathi Shamva.

MAY I thank the paper for exposing the truth to the public about millions of dollars which the ministry of Gender paid to many unemployed youths because some of us witnessed it. However my main worry is: What is going to happen to those responsible because they should be brought to book?
Nyati Shamva.

WHOEVER said that people get a government they deserve was dead wrong. We voted out Zanu PF but they are still governing us although we do not want them. At times people are governed by governments they do not deserve.

THERE is nothing the GPA principals must continue discussing as everything was agreed on, only implementation is needed. Mugabe was voted out last year and is the stumbling block to change. I do not understand why the provincial governors have not been sworn in. Morgan must stand his ground.
WE are fed up of paying unsent and undelivered messages. Econet, you are such a good service provider, but try to fix this issue.

CAN someone please give Econet a full list of all growth points and towns in Zimbabwe before they start to claim that they cover all the towns and growth points? They must stop this misleading information now before I sue them.

NEEMA threatens to pull down Econet billboards because they threaten the environment. Classic sour grapes.

WHAT people should know is that Simba Makoni is a Zanu PF member. His Mavambo is a collective project with Zanu PF to destroy the opposition, especially the MDC-T.

ZANU PF says it has done everything to honour the GPA, right? So what is it that they agreed to fulfil in 15 days to the troika in Mozambique?
Michael Tabbs.

THANK you Mutambara for reminding Mugabe he is not the president without the GNU. Again his shots have helped Mugabe to shape up. Also it is an important direction for Mutambara as he is a product of resistance politics. I will start to respect him. Bravo professor. Hope you maintain the balancing stance.

Can Zimind please throw light on the rumour that govt printers are busy printing Zimdollar notes for imminent change back for Zanu PF chefs’ perks to be reinstated?
N Keately.

NO one is concerned that state-owned NRZ has had its cable wires of high value stolen from Harare to Kwekwe, and now steadily edging towards Gweru, which has stopped the electric train service in Zimbabwe. This must be investigated.

ALLISTER Sparks is right. Simon Khaya Moyo is way out of line. As a taxpayer and hence one of Moyo’s employers I wish to warn him that after the next but first free and fair election he will be out of a job.

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