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Shocking Cruelty to Animals

AS an animal lover and one time supporter of the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA), I was appalled to learn of the plight of hundreds of pigs at Louis Fick’s Friedawil Farm in Chinhoyi.

For over a week now, the pigs have been without food or water due to political wrangling over farm ownership.  Sows are currently farrowing in this sweltering heat, with no access to water.

As they are being confined in communal pens and not individual farrowing pens, mortality will be even higher, especially amongst the piglets.

The ZNSPCA is the one independent, impartial organisation in the country which can and should take control of this animal welfare crisis.  However, it appears this has not been the case.

In spite of the serious plight of the pigs being reported to ZNSPCA last week, together with a request for assistance — as the owner has been prevented from entering the farm — the suffering of the pigs grows worse every day.

Surely the organisation has policies and procedures to deal with just such a situation as this as they have done so successfully in the past? We trust that the unimaginable suffering of the animals on this farm will be dealt with as urgently as possible.

P Cory.

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