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Open letter to PM Tsvangirai

IT is with great concern that I write this open letter to you asking that something be done about the continued destruction of Zimbabwe and the lives of its people.

I must point out that this destruction is being perpetrated by government employees whom you as head of government have the power to control.

Countrywide, elements within the police are aggravating the breakdown of the rule of law. I have asked for a full investigation into the nefarious activities of elements within the Chegutu police on a number of occasions but nothing is being done.  Instead, a senior police officer appears to have been rewarded for his unlawful activities by being seconded to the UN as a peacekeeper in Liberia.

Whilst we understand the difficulties that you face, I believe it is important that you at least expose the reasons why some elements in the police continue to get away with participating in lawlessness.


If you cannot bring the rule of law back, you owe an explanation to those that supported you as to why over the last few months, tens of thousands of your supporters are suffering after losing their homes and livelihoods due to the activities of the police.

When it comes to white farmers, their workers and families, High Court orders are being ignored case after case.  The Sadc Tribunal judgment has been ignored.

In June the government was found in contempt of this international court and the Minister of Home Affairs, Giles Mutsekwa, has yet to mention this fact.  Legal bodies from all over Africa have expressed their concern about the way government employees have ignored this judgment.

It appears there has been no move to re-establish the rule of law and there have been no repercussions on the perpetrators or even investigations into police participation in lawlessness as far as white farmers and farm workers are concerned.

Just as so many Europeans turned their backs on the Jews and allowed their persecution at the hands of the Nazi nationalists, so it seems, your government is doing the same to hundreds of thousands of farmers and their workers in the face of Zanu-PF nationalists.

Such a state of affairs is of great concern.  It is impacting negatively on food security, employment, and economic growth and development.  The indirect effects on the government health service and education are manifest.  Zimbabweans are suffering and leaving the country in droves.

Prime Minister, I am a Christian and it is my duty to try to do something against injustice and evil.  I infer from your reticence to answer letters or your reluctance to visit even a single commercial farm or to speak out about the widespread humanitarian disaster resulting from the breakdown of the rule of law that you have no desire to face the problem head on.

If nothing is done or said about this controlled anarchy that is being manipulated under a leadership of which you are part, and no independent internationally-led judicial inquiry is set up to verify what I am saying is happening right now, the consequences for the children of Zimbabwe will be a very grim.


We owe it to the next generation and to God to do something about this problem now.  I pray that you will act with courage and decisiveness to bring accountability to the perpetrators within the police force who are committing what amounts to crimes against humanity.

Yours sincerely,
Ben Freeth.

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