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MUTUAL respect is a result of a concerted effort to foster national healing, reconciliation and integration along with compensation.

THE MDC-T must have insisted on tangible reforms from the word go. It’s so painful to be tossed around by a cabal that cannot win a free and fair election.

THE MDC-T should demand more from Robert Mugabe as it has already settled for less. It should restate that the GNU was Zanu PF admission ticket into government.

ANYONE will tell you that it is vital that all important institutions  be run buy competent and able individuals. If you put a person with questionable credentials like Gideon Gono in the post of Reserve Bank Governor, you set back any chances of economic recovery to the dark ages. Is it too much for the MDC-T to demand that such positions are manned by people they trust? I don’t see where the issue of the jobs for the pals comes into being.

ONLY those with a myopic conscience can join the morbid
psyche of demonising Roy Bennett whilst singing the praises to the architects of abductions and Gukurahundi.

ALL those who keep talking about Jacob Zuma or anybody outside of Zimbabwe solving the Zimbabwean crisis are sick in the mind. And those people who advocate for confrontation with Robert Mugabe violently are not at the battle front.

ZANU PF invited sanctions on itself through its oppressive policies. They should do and know better and not expect the MDC-T to sanitise their image.
J S, Harare.

ZANU PF is not Zimbabwe and neither is Zimbabwe Zanu PF. We are tired of being taken for fools. We must prepare for free and fair elections.

NO amount of posturing will authenticate Robert Mugabe’s legitimacy as president without the involvement of the MDC-T in the GNU.

IF Robert Mugabe had the nation’s interests at heart, Zimbabwean farmers would not be making Nigeria and Zambia prosper whilst we starve. Food for thought!
IF the government is concerned about food security why do they ignore the locally adapted maize varieties in favour of fertiliser wasting hybrids.

IN football once a coach fails to deliver, he is fired. Not so in Zimbabwean politics: Mugabe has done the same but still remains. He must be fired.

SIMBA Makoni’s party should be called Magumo/The End. His argument that MDC-T’s clamour for fairness in the GNU is merely jobs for the boys does not have any takers. Policies are implemented through people.

THE Local Government and Energy ministries do not realise that we are suffering because of the high service charges. They should look at the services they are offering and see if they are commensurate with the charges along with our average incomes. Surely this is not fair.
T C.

GIVEN the clear misappropriations of state property exposed by the Comptroller and Auditor-General, whose responsibility is it to recover the looted property?

I WONDER if the relevant authorities in the education sector are aware of the scandalous behaviour of school headmasters especially in the towns. They are spending the revenue generated by their schools without any supervision. There are no procurement committees as in the past. They have become the sole buyers 
Concerned SDA member.

THE VID provisional driver’s licence test is just too expensive. ‘O’ Level examinations cost $10 per subject. An eight minute test costs $20. Why should it be so expensive. The minister responsible should do something about it.
Prospective driver.

I WONDER if the roadblocks being put up by the police in Zvishavane are genuine or are just meant to enrich them.

I APPEAL to Econet to install a base station at Sanyati business centre. We are in total network isolation and want to be part of the Econet family.

HOW can Econet claim to be big when they fail to cover areas like Mberengwa? We are tired of the propaganda.

ZUF means Zimbabwe’s Unelected Filth.

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