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BBA: The Girls Worry About Becoming ‘widows’

ELIZABETH joked with Emma about how the two of them will become the “widows” of the Big Brother House should Kevin be evicted –– with Kevin clearly still on a mission to develop a more personal relationship with Elizabeth and Emma having lost “partner” Jeremy at Sunday’s eviction.

Elizabeth and Kevin later noticed Emma moping on the couch and tried to cheer her up. She told them she would be fine and didn’t want to intrude on their endless conversations.
In his diary session, Edward told Big Brother that he knows that the other housemates want him out of the house and that he will be vulnerable after serving his term as Head of House. He’ll have to use his influence wisely this week! Emma told Big Brother that she misses Jeremy most during quiet moments when she has no one to talk to, or to tease her like Jeremy did.
In her diary session, Mzamo spoke to Big Brother about dogs, having become something of a surrogate mom to new canine housemate Ruby. When Big Brother reminded her about a previous statement she made about all men being dogs, she thinks Ruby is a great dog.
She also told Big Brother that she felt sorry for Edward as he has links to all of this week’s nominated housemates, making his decision a difficult one. Mzamo said that she respects her friend’s decision, whatever it may be and that she would cry for Edward if she were to leave the house, but wouldn’t shed any tears for Leonel. 
In his diary session, Kevin explained that he and Edward don’t get along because he nominated Phil, which led to Phil’s eviction and angered Edward. He also thinks that Edward has something against Elizabeth as she was responsible for the eviction of his twin brother, Erastus. He thinks those two actions may lead to either him or Elizabeth being evicted.
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