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Bank account requirements cumbersome

I HAVE had a savings account with Beverly Building Society for a number of decades.

I recently went there to withdraw my pension payment only to be told that my account had been blocked despite the money being there.  
Though my account number, contact details etc were all the same as they have been all along, and that I had updated essential data requirements –– a recent photo, copy of ID, signed a signatory card.
CBZ, was not satisfied, requiring information that I deemed too personal and unnecessary for an existing account holder.
I eventually got my money, but it was made clear that my account remained blocked until CBZ got its way.
I consider this action both unlawful and a veiled attempt at blackmail!
I was informed that the personal, domestic and other personal details that were demanded were required to provide a better service to customers!
Zimbabweans must be very careful what personal details they give to any company, organisation and so on, because apart from privacy rights, this is often sold at a profit by such entities and can be abused in other ways.
In other countries applicants are given the choice to elect whether or not to allow their personal information, for example e-mail address, be used in this manner, but CBZ’s forms do not include this facility.

M Leppard,

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