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What you saw is who I am — Kristal

SUNDAY’S Big Brother Revolution eviction show saw off the duo of South African Quinn and Zimbabwean Kristal, dubbed “Quinstal”.

Their departure was a surprise to most as there was general sentiment that Quinn’s apparent popularity would save the pair. That was not to be as host IK Osakioduwa named the Quinstal alliance as the scalps of the seventh consecutive live eviction show.
The duo’s eviction leaves 10 housemates in contention for the US$200 000 prize.
Speaking after her arrival in Harare on Wednesday Kristal said that she stayed true to who she was whilst in the house adding, “What you saw is who I am.”
Flanked by her much-talked about boyfriend Jonathan Pike, Kristal also dismissed assertions that she was out to get countryman Itai saying that she only wanted the truth out of him.
“It wasn’t anything personal.”
Kristal expressed her antipathy to the “comrades-in-arms” twist and made it known that it contributed to her exit.
“We didn’t choose to be paired but then that’s how the game is played. I am happy though that I got paired with Quinn because I wouldn’t have chosen a better comrade-in-arms.”
As to the question of who turned her off the most in the house, Kristal said Kenyan Jeremy and Angolan Emma fit the bill because they did not interact at all with the other housemates and were “always whispering” by themselves.
“With Emma we just didn’t gel and if I had a choice on who to evict it would most likely be her.”
She believes Kevin has the best chance of winning the prize because of the alliances he has made.”
Kristal says she had a good time in the house and she’s glad to finally get back to friends and family.
“I didn’t have a preconceived strategy except the will to win. Now that I am out I look forward to a normal life where I don’t have to be rationed for cigarettes and I do as I please.”
“The message I wanted to put across through my style and appearance was ‘here I am loud and proud’.”
Asked about whether Hannington smelt as bad as the housemates portrayed, Kristal had this to say: “He really smelt.”
It seems that the Nigerians are now in the driving seat with Nkenna head of house for this week. A conspiracy could be in the offing from Nigerians Geraldine, Kevin and Nkenna designed to see off the remaining housemates. On Tuesday housemates found themselves seemingly abandoned when
the cameras were not following and the voice of Big Brother nowhere to be heard. The housemates concluded that it was one of Big Brother’s endless twists.


Ngoni Muzofa

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