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We Should Support Innovation

ALLOW me to comment on recent media reports which attacked the huge billboards being erected by the market leader in the telecoms sector.

The criticism of the billboards and the suggestion by one of the writers that these billboards should be moved to exit points of the city is not well thought out.


They should understand that billboards and any other advertising media are placed on the basis of where the most relevant audience would get the advertiser’s message. When a company sponsors the local football league I hope the writers of those letters knew that it was a strategy for building the firm’s brands.

I also hope that these writers are not anti-innovation elements of society. One can tell that it is an attempt to mislead readers that innovation is harmful whilst presumably encouraging the other mobile operators to stay in their present but undesirable comfort zones.


They should realise that in business if a company lacks innovation they will be swept aside. On the same note they should also note that only a business that’s oriented towards customer needs will grow.

Telmore Chiranda,

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