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THE MDC must stand its ground. Zimbabweans have paid a huge price and we will not stand for nonsense. This time Zanu PF should not have its way.

THE MDC have demonstrated maturity by pulling out of the ill begotten inclusive government which was a farce which was only extending Robert Mugabe’s disastrous political incumbency.
Sphinx, Bindura.

THERE is nothing like an African solution to Zimbabwe’s problems. We are just wasting time with useless rhetoric. Political problems have to be solved period. There is no African solution to human rights abuse. There is no African solution to political violence. A solution is that politicians must respect and fear people they claim to serve, not to humiliate and instil fear in them.

TO Simba Makoni I say policies are only good when they are well executed. The MDC-T want the executors to be put in place now. It is not a case of “jobs for the boys”.

THE hiring of the 10 000 youths is shocking and diabolical. Those responsible should resign (Zimbabwe Independent, October 23). The terror was systematic, and the same people we task to govern us are the people who terrorise us. Combine this with the 80 000 plus voters who are over 80 years old –– the perfect recipe for rigging elections. Only in Zimbabwe can you get away with murder.

WE don’t need governors in this country. I think we are over-governed already so the parties to the GPA should agree to abolish all superfluous posts and channel saved resources towards deserving areas like infrastructure development.

JOMIC is a joke (Independent, October 23). Some of the statements emanating from this body are indicative of its ineffectiveness.

I DON’T know what our leaders use to think. We are trying to send a signal to the rest of the world that Zimbabwe is a place to invest in. Dispatching the police and freezing accounts over an allegation that may not be valid is not the way to go. Please wash dirty laundry away from public.

ZUF (on the Zanu  PF party headquarters) means Zimbabwe’s Undisputed Failures.

UNTIL such a time that the Sadc heads of state openly and frankly tell their colleague Robert Mugabe that he draws his legitimacy as a president from the GPA, this “inclusive” government will continue to be dogged by problems. Sadc states’ solidarity with Mugabe is built on sand raher than on firm principles. Ecowas seems to be faring much better than Sadc. Why not emulate Ecowas?
Zim Patriot.

THERE are sons and daughters of Zanu PF officials who are still studying in “imperialistic” countries despite targeted sanctions. The Americans and the Europeans must send them to our own Lupane State University.

WHEN will Zimbabweans understand that belonging to a political party is the same as the freedom to belong to any religion? It should be everyone’s right. The primitive ideas of beatings and threats are again beginning to surface.

EVEN with the return of Jonathan Moyo Zanu PF will not be resurrected from its death bed. Progressive Zimbabweans are eager to bury it in free and fair elections.

THERE has to be something good about an issue that riles Jonathan Moyo. I am now of the opinion that the disengagement by the MDC was a smart move.
Assad Shumba.

JONATHAN Moyo must shut up! We cannot keep Robert Mugabe in office till he dies just because the past vice-presidents have died in office. Such an assertion is obscene to say the least. We want elected, competent and capable people.

I ADMIT that Jonathan Moyo is intelligent. But he must not fool himself and think he is dealing with daft people. We can distinguish between facts and fallacies. No amount of lipstick that he now applies to Zanu PF can make it pretty. He can maliciously attack the MDC-T but we know that the MDC-T is a better devil than Zanu PF.

I AM now of the opinion that ZRP stands for Zimbabwe Roadblock Police.

I APPEAL to Econet to install a base station at Birchenough Bridge so that the people in my home town can be part of the Econet family.
E Mapurisa.

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