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MDC-T a Peoples’ Party

I AM a widow from Zvimba and am happy to say that the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai is a people’s party which I –– without doubt –– will vote for in the next elections.

My husband was murdered during the June 27presidential run-off, our property destroyed and I was left with four children to take care of. I thought this was the end of me and my family but God sent his angels from MDC who have been helping me cope with my situation.
The MDC has been able to assist me with blankets, food and medication for my injuries which I sustained from the beatings of some Zanu PF youths. I appeal to Zimbabweans to really think about what they really want because I am tired of Zanu PF’s tyranny, corruption and violence. We all know the kind of life we want. I will not hide my vote. Ever since my husband was murdered my vote is not a secret anymore. It is clear I am an MDC supporter. MDC is my choice, it’s the people’s choice.

Mai Ezra,
Zvimba North.

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