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We want new constitution now

I THINK the MDC-T should be pushing for the constitution-making process to move forward so that we have a new constitution as soon as possible.

Zanu PF is trying its best to frustrate this effort because they know that they will never win a free and fair election and a new constitution may derail their plan to remain in power.
Zanu PF seems now to depend on the security forces to remain in power. For without the security forces Zanu PF would have been history. I am disappointed with Sadc and the AU who saw a coup in Madagascar but did not see one in Zimbabwe.
What happened in Zimbabwe was a coup where a loser refuses to give up power but instead the losers used these African organisations to legitimise the coup.
Let us all Zimbabweans push for a new constitution. The parties to the GPA are not doing enough to expedite the process. We also need to open up our media space so that we have many voices different from the daily dosage we get from one ZBC who seem to enjoy tarnishing the image of Zimbabwe by their biased reportage.

Trevor Mashayamombe,

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