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ZUF (on the Zanu  PF party headquarters) means Zimbabwe’s Unforgiving Fathers.

IF the importation of second-hand vehicles is to be banned for causing loss of life, then Zanu PF must be banned from contesting the next elections for the exact same reasons. The authorities should do that if they are serious about preserving lives.
Political Analyst.

ROBERT Mugabe is the real outstanding GPA issue. Getting him out of power will surely get us the Nobel Prize for innovation and resilience.
Chibox, Marondera.

ROBERT Mugabe is a huge stumbling block to securing Zimbabwe’s peaceful and prosperous future.

THE MDC-T must refuse being made a junior and irrelevant partner to the GNU when it carries with it the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe. PM Morgan Tsvangirai must take a hard stance to people such as Patrick Chinamasa and other Zanu PF ministers who are too myopic to notice the rising tide of change. To Jonathan Moyo I say the best way to destroy Zanu PF is from within.
Shumba, Bindura.

TO Roy Bennett and his family we say don’t lose hope. Progressive Zimbabweans do not see race but see a man who wants to see Zimbabwe prosper. I wouldn’t mind to see you rise to be the MDC and nation’s president. You are a hero.
B Chimhowa.

“INDEPENDENT” Zanu PF MP Jonathan Moyo has done it again! This time he has gone back to his vomit — rejoining Zanu PF. What a power glutton. History shall judge him harshly.

CAN Jonathan Moyo honestly say that his decision to go back to Zanu PF was his constituency’s wish?  If  so they have a very short memory indeed.

WHAT makes the MDC-T sure that they would have won the Tsholotsho North seat if they had fielded a candidate against Jonathan Moyo? Isn’t it true that they failed to win in Tsholotsho South?
Awulumi la.

UTTERANCES by Gabriel Chaibva on ZTV concerning the MDC-T and the PM are not only dangerous and unfortunate, but downright disrespectful.
South Bronx.
GABRIEL Chaibva should just lay bare his allegiance to Zanu PF. He shamelessly toes the Zanu PF line on every issue and is not doing his party –– MDC Mutambara –– any favours except cement the view that they are Zanu PF surrogates. His party should fire him.

IF Tendai Biti is to release the IMF funds then Gideon Gono has to first account for the money spent on Aspef, Bacossi and many more of his creations.

GIDEON Gono’s hand has again revealed itself in the Nestlé saga. He froze Nestlé’s bank accounts claiming that the RBZ was investigating “irregular” practices by the company. This was after Nestlé’s decision to stop buying milk from Grace Mugabe’s farm. One doesn’t need to be a genius to tell why Nestlé was treated in such a way. It was to settle scores against the company. Gono’s wings should be clipped for creating a negative business environment for the country. He did that to Mutumwa Mawere and a lot more others’ companies. Is what he did within his mandate?  
I am sure that is not standard practice in other countries.
Stanley Tapfumaneyi.

GIDEON Gono should know that Nestlé Zimbabwe will be here long after he has disappeared from the RBZ radar screen. I vote that we audit the RBZ’s accounts as well as his.

GIDEON Gono should not pretend to be concerned about our welfare when he left us starving whilst he was busy furnishing Zanu PF supporters with luxurious cars and assisting Zanu PF’s violent election campaigns.

WE do not want any politicians to be involved in a land “reform” audit. We do not want them in the constitution-making process either. These processes must be outside the domain of politicians. Let the people speak!

WE applaud the government through the Tourism ministry and all stakeholders for for the splendid job they are doing to promote Zimbabwe’s tourism industry. Keep up the good work!
Vikela, T.

ALL the mobile phone network providers are ripping us off. Each call should be charged per second and not per minute as is currently the case. Food for thought!
Admire, Budiriro.

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