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MDC Must put the People First

IT IS clear that Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe have never been serious about engaging the MDC-T and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, specifically, and about the concept of power-sharing in general.

Whereas Zanu PF has acted in bad faith throughout the life of the inclusive government, the MDC-T itself has also acted in a manner that does not inspire confidence in their ability to rise above the problems bedevilling Zimbabwe.
Since the inauguration of the inclusive government, the premier has insisted at every opportunity that everything is well, that “Mugabe is genuine”, “Mugabe is not the problem, but other people around him”, and “Mugabe is committed to power-sharing” despite warnings and clear evidence to the contrary.
This went on even as the prime minister’s MPs, Deputy Minister of Agriculture-designate Roy Bennett and MDC-T supporters were persecuted and harassed all over the country. Yet, now the prime minister says “in this period, we have seen a complete lack of paradigm shift on the part of Zanu PF.”
Everyone could see this, even as the premier told the world “Mugabe is indispensable and irreplaceable”.
We note with concern that the issues over which the MDC are disengaging from Zanu PF are issues of “jobs for the boys and girls” and not policies that can deliver real change for Zimbabweans.
The people want stable and permanent jobs, economic development, repair of dilapidated infrastructure, food, functioning health and education systems and social support networks. The people want their dignity and respect back. In this regard, we note that since they entered the inclusive government, the MDC-T have not put forward policy initiatives aimed at pulling the country out of crisis. The modest improvements that have occurred in people’s lives over the past year are the result of the default dollarisation which commenced in early 2008 and was formalised by Zanu PF before the inclusive government.
The MDC-T says it is unhappy that it still has no ambassadors posted, no provincial governors and resident ministers appointed and that Bennett has still not been sworn in as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
In principle, MKD stands opposed to a bloated government, especially the executive. We would have expecte

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