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Unholy Alliance:Jonathan Moyo and Zanu PF

RECENT media reports have said that Jonathan Moyo has been re-admitted into Zanu PF, despite having said that he “would never” join Zanu PF again.

Moyo who is the only “independent” MP in Zimbabwe seems to conveniently forget that he is in the public space and that such individualistic political decisions like rejoining Zanu PF reflect him as a leader who believes he is in a monologue rather than a dialogue with his constituency.

Whatever the justifications of his now usual about-turns certainly do not in any way reflect an attitude of a leader who is driven by any principles and political ethics.

Zanu PF and Moyo now need each other because they both share a future threatened by the existence of the Movement for Democratic Change. Moyo is likely to be rehired as a propaganda spin-doctor so that he can churn out his usual vitriol on behalf of a dying political party whose rightful place is the dustbin of history.

Even Zanu PF must not be too desperate to hire this type of person. Politics is not all about dealing with MDC. It is about delivery of services and that is what the people of Zimbabwe want. When will Moyo and Zanu PF learn this simple issue?

The professor has forgotten his words of advice to Zimbabweans that:”On offer is the self-indulgent leadership of President Mugabe who is now too old despite his photogenic makeup, has become very tired, visionless and beleaguered.

Mugabe remains in office not because he is in charge of the goings-on in the wider society but largely if not only because of considerations of his personal and family security in a world that is increasingly becoming hostile to former heads of state with unresolved human rights and corruption issues during their rule.”

Zimbabweans are nauseated by the kind of intellectual dishonesty exhibited by the professor. The question that remains in our minds and one which Moyo must try and answer is: is he a mercenary?

Moyo is a political scientist and is therefore expected to know that a political system should not express differences in name-calling but in the differences of opinions to public policy.

His decision to rejoin Zanu PF must be viewed as nothing more than a decision to misdirect public opinion by defending the very institutions, systems and attitudes that have violently militated against national progress. Whatever his “sound” arguments for going back to Zanu PF, the real intent is to cause political malice, unguided cynicism and baffling intellectual dishonesty in the public and political domain in service of his selfish interests and the ancien regime.

Liberty Bhebhe,

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