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Tsholotsho Betrayed by the Constitution

WHILE we cherish, celebrate and to a large extent embrace the freedom of association which is accorded to everyone in this country courtesy of our constitution, we must therefore make sure that we do not disadvantage others when exercising this freedom.

I have been prompted by the recent readmission of Jonathan Moyo to Zanu PF. My argument to this regard is that while it is more than okay for the professor to join a party of his choice, my major concern lies however with the plight of the people of Tsholotsho.

The majority of the people in this constituency expressed beyond doubt that they have no love for Zanu PF or the MDC hence they voted for someone who did not represent the above-mentioned.

Is it not betrayal to the electorate when someone they chose decides to stab them in the back and join the party they rejected.

The laws of the land allow it as was said by Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, but surely there should be a certain office somewhere, where these kinds of grievances can be aired in the interest of the defenceless and betrayed electorate.

Those elected on a party ticket are barred from crossing the floor and should they decide to do so, their seats are declared vacant.

But those elected as independent candidates can decide to join any party and still maintain their seats. In my view I think this is not fair to the electorate.

If the type of democracy practised here was the same as that practised in other countries, I am sure the electorate of Tsholotsho would have been allowed to petition for their MP’s removal for such a treacherous move or to at least pass a vote of no confidence in him and demand his removal.

Daniel Chingundu,

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