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Justice, Democracy Must Prevail

JESTINA Mukoko and other activists were abducted tortured and illegally detained on trumped up charges of banditry and terrorism.

The state-controlled media made a lot of noise about the charges. Today Mukoko walks free and the state-controlled media has become deaf and dumb.

Is this the Zimbabwe we want? I am a Zimbabwean and this is not what I want. As a Zimbabwean I can’t wait to see the day that the people responsible for tormenting Mukoko and others are in court. I

might not be well versed with the Zimbabwean laws but I believe these violators of law deserve a life sentence as what they did was illegal and that is banditry at its best.

It seems we have our own Bin Ladens in Zimbabwe walking around with state badges.We want security in Zimbabwe.  If the people who are supposed to be protecting us are the ones victimising us then who do we turn to. As a Zimbabwean I feel betrayed by Zanu PF. We all know that such thuggery can only emanate from Zanu PF.

We want real change, real freedom and real security. I put my hopes on MDC to deliver such and I urge real Zimbabweans to do so too without fear for God is on our side and democracy is in our hands.

Thomas Toda,

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