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Zou Tuition Fees Exorbitant

I AM not a regular letter writer but I have been prompted to write  by the shocking tuition fees being demanded by the Zimbabwe Open University (Zou).

I appreciate that tertiary education should not be cheap but I think this time they have gone too far. In our department we are being expected to pay US$90 per subject and in my case I am supposed to pay for three. Add to this since I am supposed to pay off my research project which is another US$90.

According to Zou I can pay 60% of these amounts this month which roughly amounts to US$200 and still this amount is highly prohibitive.

I am a civil servant and my net salary does not even reach the amounts I have stated above and it will require a miracle for me to be able to register this semester.

I am therefore appealing to the responsible authorities, particularly the Education minister, to reduce the fees to manageable amounts so that we can finish our programmes.

Government needs to come in and subsidise Zou so that we may continue learning. I am sure I speak for many who will be able to register this semester because of the fees.

Shepherd Makoni,

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