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I AM quite amazed by the ignorant ministers who refuse to accept that Zimbabwe is already a desperate basket case.

They continue to live in luxury while the rest live in extreme poverty. They run around in their expensive cars and then pretend to understand the needs of the people on the ground foraging for the next meal. Tendai Biti should keep pushing for these changes and I hope by some miracle they get through.
Zviko Chigumba.

THOSE opposed to the HIPC are burying their heads in the sand and misunderstanding the state the country is in. If Zimbabwe can persuade our debtors to cancel our debts that is what we should do with vigour. This schizophrenia that the West is out to get Zimbabwe is a minority view held by the very people who destroyed the economy in the first place. The country needs to restore basic services, like education and infrastructure.

THE MDC has managed to bring about economic stability in six months, something Zanu PF had failed to achieve in a quarter of a century.

HOW sad that a political party as big as Zanu PF has failed to replace their octogenarian leader. Does that mean that there is none that can replace Robert Mugabe? I wonder what will happen if he were to die.
Royal Ruuku, Banket.

SECURITY chiefs are becoming too big for their own boots. They think that they can hold the nation to ransom with their partisan stance. In future they will stand to regret their actions.

THE land allocation process is full of surprises. Five to 10 offer letters are given for one farm or plot coming from the same office allocating the land. There should not be any confusion in that process and all Zimbabweans regardless of race must benefit.
T Munyanyi.

ZANU PF and their sidekicks are the worst hypocrites. They harass, torture and maim  political opponents and activists such as Jestina Mukoko on spurious charges. After they are cleared by the courts, the perpetrators are the first to announce to the whole world  that there is rule of law in Zimbabwe.
Chibox, Marondera.

WHY are we being asked to top up for passports we applied for in 2006 in Bulawayo?
POLITICIANS should not be allowed to get away with silly statements. Whilst Jonathan Moyo is free to rejoin Zanu PF, he should not patronise the nation by saying that the facts have changed. He also displays a lot of arrogance in implying that those who do not agree with his opinions need to see a psychiatrist. 

JONATHAN Moyo is a sickening example of how low politicians can go to get back on the gravy train. How dare he speak of democracy and the freedom to associate in justifying his misdeeds?

I BELIEVE the people of Tsholotsho North deserve more than just an apology from Jonathan Moyo. They voted for an independent candidate, not a Zanu PF one and like the other constituents who were represented by the dismissed MDC MPs, they should have a right to choose another candidate of their choice. Moyo can re-enter the elections as a Zanu PF candidate and we will see how he fares.

EVERY Zimbabwean residing in any part of the world should not be denied the right to vote and I hope that the constitution has this sacred provision.

WOMEN from Mupedzanhamo flea market are allowed to demonstrate and even given police escort yet Woza members were thoroughly beaten for doing the same in Bulawayo. It seems some animals are more equal than others!

CONSTANTINE Chimakure’s article calling for transparency in the Prime Minister’s Office made me love the Independent. I have become sick and tired of MDC-T praise singing much like what the Herald does where Zanu PF is concerned.
Baba Chemwandoita.

FAITH Zaba’s Editor’s Memo made a very important observation; David Coltart is not an educationist and should consult widely with those who know better in the field. We are fed up with his confusion.
Frustrated teacher.

WHY are teachers’ associations deducting money from teachers’ salaries without informing us first?
Teacher Kybee.

WHO is going to take Zesa to task over their extremely high tariffs? We wait to see the one who will stand for the poor and the vulnerable.
Herbert Mugwagwa.  

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