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Passport Office Must be Business-minded

IN any economy and business “cash is king” and so is the customer. This appears not to be the case at the passport office.

The long snaking queues have started again especially for the US$143 two-week passport.

The natural response of any business or government to such a welcome upsurge in business is to increase resources especially on the payments counter.

I have been to the passport office at least twice with the intention of submitting my own applications for a cool $286, but gave up as the queues hardly move.

It is as if the passports are for free or Zimbabwe dollars yet people are paying hard-to-find United States dollars which the very same government claims to be bankrupt of.

It should not cost too much to have five payments cashiers clearing those queues.

To make matters worse the payments collections office closes early, turning back people with greenbacks home.

I would estimate the amount of cash that the passport office fails to collect daily could be in excess of US$10 000.

The current scenario at the passport office is fertile for rent-seeking behaviour from government officials that see an opportunity to line their pockets.

The amount of time those at work or business will lose to get in a passport application is immeasurable on an economy we are trying to get back on its feet.

We are paying real money and the passport office is not doing us a favour. We deserve service.

Sober Capitalist,

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