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WHY does Patrick Chinamasa speak of “agendas outside of Zimbabwe’s interest” when in fact he refers to outside of Zanu PF’s interest? Chinamasa should not speak for Zimbabwe. He is not our voice.

THE Herald is spewing hate language every day against the Prime Minister and belittling MDC-T ministers like Tendai Biti. The GNU will continue not to work as long as George Charamba, Tafataona Mahoso and Jonathan Moyo propagate hate language against the MDC-T. It is like what happened before the Rwandan genocide.
Frank Matandirotya.

WHY is the independent media giving Jonathan Moyo space to propagate his venom –– a man who did his best to close down private newspapers and impoverishing journalists? Is it not an indirect insult to us?
I Nyakudya.

ROBERT Mugabe should not hold us to ransom by refusing to fulfill the terms of the GPA. Executive power no longer rests in him alone.
Samanyika, Gwanda.

WHY does Zanu PF intend to hold a congress when most –– if not all ––its provinces have already endorsed Robert Mugabe as the sole candidate? The congress will be a waste of scarce resources.

WALTER Mzembi got a baptism of fire a fortnight ago at the Harare derby between Caps United and Dynamos. How can he wave his fist Zanu PF-style saying “pamberi ne Dembare”? Thumbs up to Dembare supporters for booing him! I think he needed to be reminded that it was not a rally.
Manu, Bindura.

MAYBE I am missing something from Gideon Gono’s argument about the IMF funds allocated to Zimbabwe from his recent press release. To me it seems like Gono is not giving advice but is more like giving instructions and pressure to the Finance ministry. He seems to think that he holds a monopoly of wisdom on how best the funds must be utilised. Writing to the IMF amounts to quasi-fiscal activities which are blamed for the present economic crisis in Zimbabwe.
Stanley Tapfumanei.

THE proposed pullout of the inclusive government by the MDC-T is not in the best interests of Zimbabwe. This will leave Zanu PF to do as it pleases and we all know what happens.
BIG thumbs up to MDC-T for joining the inclusive government because only God knows where we would be as a nation if they had not. My suggestion to them is that they should not pull out. You are doing a great job under the circumstances.
The Spear.

GILES Mutsekwa should be reminded that there has never been a conviction for any of the specified businessmen over the years. He should not be associated with the machinations of politicians.

AS long as the Education ministry along with donors concern themselves with bettering the plight of schoolchildren only –– buying them schooling material and paying their fees –– neglecting the plight of their teachers then the sector will not improve.
Hungry teacher.

I FIND it embarrassing and dehumanising that as a teacher my salary is announced through the media and discussed by the public. We are thus ridiculed by the public and then people wonder why schoolchildren no longer listen to us. Our rights should be entrenched in the constitution. We are tired of being trodden upon and our remuneration should be commensurate with our service and qualifications.
Herbert Mugwagwa.

THE inclusive government should address the pathetic conditions at Kwekwe Polytechnic. It should be a matter of urgency.

WHY does Zesa force people to pay for services they are not providing, especially in Cowdry Park? We are sick and tired of being taken for granted as consumers!

WHAT crime have we committed to warrant having no water in Magamba low density suburb in Rusape. We have gone for almost a year without water and someone should come to our rescue. The Rusape town council should do something before it’s too late.
Farai Mapira, Rusape.

I AM an Econet subscriber in Chiweshe and we are having some network problems. Please do something before we change our network.

WHAT is Netone doing about its Chiredzi coverage? We hardly get three days coverage in a month. Their slogan should be changed to “further away from your world”.
Frustrated, Chiredzi.

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