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Review of PM’s Office Spot on

I HAVE just read your newspaper’s piece on the issue of transparency in the operations of the Premier’s Office “PM’s Office must be transparent” (Zimbabwe Independent September 25) and thought I should comment.

I thought your review was a fair one considering that your newspaper’s coverage was a tad too favourable towards the MDC and the Prime Minister.

It had become obvious all these years that if you see a picture of President Robert Mugabe or anyone Zanu PF in your paper, then that would be accompanied by negative news about them.

The same applied to the MDC, whom I think you always sing praise of, regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

But the article by Constantine Chimakure was mature. It is constructive not to Zanu PF or the MDC-T, but to Zimbabwe as a nation, something which I think we need now more than any political bias of any kind.

Even your lead story this week was something not political, which I think should be inherent of a business newspaper.  Some of us are tired of reading about politics every week. Give us business and financial leads and a little of politics.

Chakanyuka Nyanyiwa,

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