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Do Away With Pseudo-politicians

FORMER MP Gabriel Chaibva recently “revealed” that the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (Zidera) was drafted here in Zimbabwe by the MDC.

My question to Chaibva is –– as an elected MP –– what did he do to stop the drafting of the Act? If he had the interest of his constituency at heart he should have gone to them and consulted on the way forward. Nowhere have I read or heard about this consultation.

I wonder if he would tell us this if he was still in mainstream politics. To the likes of Chaibva I say we do not need childish pranks. Instead we want development-oriented politicians who do not spread vermin but focus on what they are going to do to better their communities. I say this to every aspiring politician be they from Zanu PF, the MDCs or Zapu.

If the crafting of sanctions pricked Chaibva and anyone else, I think the best they would have done was to resign or get signed petitions from their constituents against the motion.

This letter is also a warning to political party leaders from Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, to Arthur Mutambara and Dumiso Dabengwa to be wary of some of the people they foist upon us. Some of them do not add any value at the end of the day. It was not wrong for the MDC to call for sanctions as Zanu PF was also sanctioning the MDC.

We are sick and tired of people whose ideologies gravitate where the wind blows. The other day it was Job Sikhala, the next Jonathan Moyo, and now it is Chaibva! It is time we the voters do away with pseudo-politicians.

Political Analyst,

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