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IT is nonsensical to talk about “sanctions” as the root cause of our economic problems. When the economy starts to improve when they are still firmly in place then it becomes clear that the origin of our crisis lies elsewhere.
Mr Abas.

THERE was no diplomatic victory for Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF at the recent Sadc meeting in the DRC. Expediency temporarily prevailed over prudence as the regional body deliberately avoided the outstanding issues to the GPA.
Gochai henyu.

I AM very sceptical and suspicious of Zanu PF’s motives in the GNU. I am sure they are not sincere in their dealings. Save for the economic stability that has been brought about I would say it is a dirty deal and the MDC-T must pull out.
Political analyst.

THE government of national uncertainty (GNU) has made one thing certain; we are headed for more uncertain times.

THE MDC-T and the people of Zimbabwe must call Zanu PF’s bluff. We have had enough of their nonsense. Let our faith be in God and not in useless organisations such as Sadc. We must stand firm.

TO Francis Nhema my question is where are the “concerned residents” crying foul over the erection of billboards in Harare? Do they really exist?

THE MDC-T should help the youth by giving them college scholarships. It would not be about campaigning but about helping those in need and securing our future.

ROBERT Mugabe should not think that we the people are fools. We are very aware of the fact that he and his henchmen destroyed the economy. The MDC is trying by all means possible to rectify this and yet the former are trying to block progress from all angles. He must remember that he is now forcing himself on the people because we rejected him and voted him out. Why should we be forced to eat a dish we have rejected? We are fed up!
Amai Zimba.

WHY do Zanu PF members think that none other than Robert Mugabe should lead them? It’s time that new leaders emerge and for them to reconsider their position for the sake of the nation.
AS long as we are still human beings, we will still be able to perceive our existence. Even if there are certain groups who believe that only they have the right to stem the flow of our thinking, a fresh spring will always bubble up starting from a spring into a torrent. No one can rule forever.
Von Däniken, Harare.

PATRICK Chinamasa should give us a rest. He must remember that he was roundly rejected by the electorate in the 2008 elections and has no right to withdraw Zimbabwe’s membership to from the Sadc tribunal. This back door minister should stop giving us headaches. We should all work to get food on the tables of Zimbabweans. Cabinet must take tough action to rein in such acts of insolence.

GIDEON Gono has now become a symbol of division in this country. We say no to the early return of the Zimbabwe dollar. Fidelity Printers should focus on clearing the passport backlog.

IS ZTV’s Media Watch merely meant to be a forum to lambast the MDC? They should change it to MDC Watch!

IT’S really refreshing to listen to alternative media from that of ZBH such as Studio 7. ZBH and the Herald will struggle to survive when new players are licensed.
Guy Kamba.

THE majority of those calling for the return of the Zim dollar are frustrated money changers, not the generality of the population.
Economist, Harare.

COLLEGE lecturers are being left in the cold whist teachers enjoy free education for their children and other incentives paid for by parents, yet we get nothing.
Impoverished lecturer.

I GOT the shock of my life when Zesa demanded that we pay exorbitant bills to avoid disconnection. Where can one get that kind of money within a short period of time? They should know that we are struggling to survive and we are sick andtired of being terrorised by Zesa’s cruel tactics. Energy minister Elias Mudzuri must intervene once and for all.
Buju, Chinhoyi.

IT’S true that Lloyd Chitembwe is not capable of coaching Caps United. He does not have what it takes and he must leave in peace.

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