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Zimsec let us Down

I AM a 19 year old student who completed my Advanced Level examinations.

I was totally devastated by the way my ‘A’ Level results turned out. In fact most of my fellow students at our school received results that they also say do not belong to them. Others received results for subjects that they never studied  for.

When we applied for re-marks for all the subjects that we had written, the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) informed us that the original results would stand and they refused to admit their error. What then are we supposed to do?

I was the top student in my entire school and my tutors expected me to obtain a minimum of 13 points at ‘A’ Level but the outcome of my examinations puzzled everyone including my parents.

Zimsec’s lack of organisation has jeopardised the future of a lot of students who do not deserve to suffer this way.

Thabo K,

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