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New Constitution Must be a Priority

IT is now over six months since the inception of the inclusive government and no meaningful reforms have been undertaken due to lack of trust between three parties in government.

As a result of the tumultuous scenario the constitution-making process is grinding to a halt.

The select committee responsible for the constitution-making process is reported to have downed tools in protest due to paltry allowances whilst Zanu PF feels MDC should by now have facilitated the lifting of “sanctions”.

The Zanu PF politburo is on record as saying that the issue of the constitution is only meant to effect regime change diplomatically hence political will on the part of the former ruling party is lacking. The effects of such political treachery are that either the constitution will be delayed or it will be fast tracked –– both of which are repulsive to democracy starved Zimbabweans.

Instead of just lamenting the denial of the democratic right of the people of Zimbabwe, this time should be utilised to educate and mobilise all and sundry to take not only the constitution-making process seriously but also equally critical issues such as national healing, transitional justice, economic recovery to mention a few.

Youth Alliance for Democracy.

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