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BBA: Break Down the Walls!

LAST Sunday, nomination day on Big Brother Revolution, brought with it the girls’ highly anticipated arrival but also claimed the scalps of Kenyan Teddy and Ghanaian Wayoe.

Zimbabwe’s second Big Brother representative Kristal Culverwell strode into the Big Brother Palace — where the female housemates have been placed — vowing to win “by any means necessary”.


Ambulance Technician Kristal says she entered Big Brother “to experience the event and win the money”.

Viewers who were gleefully anticipating the entrance of the ladies were distracted by the evictions which cast a somewhat dark shadow on the fate of the remaining male housemates. Speaking to IndependentXtra in a telephone interview following his eviction Wayoe said he was taken aback by his exit so early in the game.

“Whilst I had begun to have reservations about my prospects of going all the way, I still thought that I would at least get to the final stages, but it wasn’t to be.”

Asked what he thought caused his early departure from the show, Wayoe said that he believes his emphasis on issues to do with African unity, political reforms and societal change did not resonate with the viewers whom he surmises are more entertainment-oriented.

He expressed his disappointment at having to depart the house without acquainting himself with the female housemates.

“The Jacuzzi was greatly underutilised and I savoured the opportunity to get in with the girls.”

He was however not perturbed by the eviction, choosing to focus more on his post BBA prospects.

“With the platform I now have, I can now pursue my passion for music and be able to disseminate the issues I think are pertinent to Africa.”

Wayoe’s departure from the Big Brother house has left Itai in no man’s land since he had built a strong alliance with the 34-year-old Kwame Nkrumah University law graduate. As a result Itai has had to forge new alliances with Jeremy, Quinn, Kevin and Leonel.

Meanwhile the male housemates were relieved to hear that none of them would be up for eviction this week. In the Big Brother Palace the female housemates were jerked out of the bliss that characterised their arrival by an eviction nomination session — only after just one night together — courtesy of Big Brother.

Barely knowing each other they struggled to nominate their fellow housemates and Nigerian Geraldine led the nominations with five, followed by Zimbabwe’s Kristal with four and Angolan Emma and Zambian Maggie with three apiece. Jen and Elizabeth were the only housemates to escape nomination altogether.

Much to most of the female housemates’ relief, Big Brother announced that all the female housemates were, in fact, up for eviction this week.

Meanwhile Jeremy let Big Brother know that he was onto Big Brother’s tricks when he told her that he heard the female voices and is convinced that there are female housemates in the vicinity.

The women have been watching the male housemates on the screen in their section of the house and Angola’s Emmy has intimated her appreciation of Jeremy’s muscular torso.

With the wall between the two sections set to come down on Sunday, the game should really kick into high gear!

Ngoni Muzofa

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