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CAN all those calling for the removal of the “illegal” sanctions please list them so that we all may know.
Gone Bananas.

IT seems that Zimbabweans are in a dilemma. They agitate for Robert Mugabe to go but offer no viable replacement. They should be sure before they throw themselves into the frying pan.
Nyasha Mahoks.

DURING the 1970s Ugandan state broadcasters would start off with the statement: His Excellency Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, President of Uganda, Conqueror of the British Empire, Victorious Cross, Member of the Excellent Order of the Source of the Nile, Distinguished Service Medal, State Combat Star, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, and many other honours and titles he had heaped on himself. ference to Robert Mugabe.
Observer, Chiredzi.

JOSEPH Chinotimba must engage a producer and become our next Mukadota, Shogo, Mutirowafanza or be the local version of Mr Bean. We have a shortage of real comedians on ZBC. Chinotimba is political satire personified. I urge any producer who he approaches to ignore his “shonglish” and partisan vitriol. We need people like him in the democracy we are carving!

ZBH management are just not serious. How can they attempt to launch a second television station when they are failing to run ZTV fully? The government should license other players.

THERE is never any Econet network reception from Macheke to Nyanga. Econet should rectify this promptly.

WE thank the IMF for the bail out package they have given to our country. We just hope God will keep on intervening and sanity will prevail again in our government’s structures.
Ali Baba.

PART of the US$500 million we are getting from the IMF should be used to pay off all Zesa debts and revive its power stations.

I APPRECIATE Tendai Biti’s call for an investigation on NSSA’s activities. Pensioners are being robbed by such organisations. The investigation should look at the organisation’s records from 10 years back to now.
IT is insulting to our intelligence when we hear Finance minister Tendai Biti claiming to have no money to pay civil servants reasonable salaries when he gives US$30 000 each to our 210 MPs, 93 senators and 70 plus ministers including the junior ones for the purchase of top notch vehicles. It seems that those are his priorities.
Hebert Mugwagwa.

GIDEON Gono should seriously consider retiring as RBZ governor because his relevance has withered away. It’s better for him to go on his own.

I BELIEVE that Gideon Gono has truckloads of already printed Zim dollars on standby in the event of its reemergence.
Economist, Harare.

CAN a losing MP –– Patrick Chinamasa –– from a losing party Zanu PF represent us and make decisions on behalf of the government such as pulling Zimbabwe out of the Sadc tribunal? Why do we still have this kind of scenario?
Judge Dread.

HARARE hospital recently bought five dialysis machines and it is clear that the new blood in government –– especially those who won the March 2008 elections –– are the ones who are properly apportioning resources so that everyone can benefit.
Change for life.

THE Labour ministry along with the Public Service Commission must hasten the reappointment of civil servants. They are taking too long to process our papers –– in some cases taking more than five months. How do they expect us to survive?
Hungry civil servant.
WITH the way public officials such as Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda are spending the tax payer’s money on luxury vehicles, who can blame the West for giving us humanitarian aid.

I CANNOT understand transport operators’ justification in charging US$4 for the Harare to Shamva trip. They should desist from milking us dry.
Ngoni Mugwagwa.

IT seems that Econet is ripping us off on the text messages. Of the 15 text messages one is supposed to send after buying a US$1 recharge card, it seems only five of the message actually get delivered and there is no refund.

WHAT is the point in our cellular networks having millions of subscribers when we are failing to make use of basic services such as SMS let alone phone?
Disheartened subscriber.

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