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THE process of national healing must be guided by truth, justice, mercy and the search for peace.
Paidamoyo, Mutare.

WHITHER the constitution-making process? Who is behind the delay? Is it the MDC and civil society with their “people-driven” mantra or is it Zanu PF standing in the way of progress?
Keche, Chinhoyi.

THE new constitution must define what being a national hero constitutes so that it is not defined by narrow and partisan interests.
Hero, Mvurwi.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara really incensed Zanu PF ministers at their retreat in Nyanga. I fail to see anything false in his utterances. Maybe he should not tell the hippo that he is ugly.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara was spot on about the state of Zanu PF in Nyanga. Last June’s poll was not an election but an exhibition of Zanu PF’s primitiveness. They can never win a free and fair poll in Zimbabwe.They are history, just like Unip in Zambia.
Mukaranga weMbizo.

IT’S sad to note that the truth cannot be spoken freely. Arthur Mutambara only voiced what we all know; the 2008 presidential elections were fraudulent.

I SUGGEST that the expelled MDC MPs rejoin the MDC-T. They must contest in their constituencies and I am sure they will win.
Supporter, Bulawayo.  

HOW come the losers in the MDC are the ones sacking the legitimately elected MPs? These professors are becoming a real danger to our politics.
S Mugidiza.
ZANU PF is the sticking point in the full implementation of the GPA –– not sanctions. The sanctions are justified!

SANCTIONS on Zanu PF officials should remain until there is real change in Zimbabwe.
AB Moyo, Gutu.

JONATHAN Moyo is back in the gutter press attacking reform-minded people and the MDC. I am not surprised by this because it looks like his manoeuvre to get back into Zanu PF. It seems the reckless and lonely MP is now missing the action in the sunset party.
Frank Matandirotya.  
IF Zimbabwe can manage without the assistance from the West as Robert Mugabe says, how then can the so-called illegal sanctions be effective in undermining Zimbabwe’s economy? It seems they want to trade with the imperialists.
Need an answer.
IN Africa it seems that those who fought against the colonial regimes are the only ones deserving the title of hero. Those who challenge the post-colonial governments on issues of human rights abuses, corruption, incompetence and oppression are labelled traitors, sell-outs or fools.
Ferguson, Westlea, Harare.

WHICH situation is better I ask: having a lot of change for a worthless Zim dollar or a shortage of change for strong multiple currencies?
Economist, Harare.

GIDEON Gono wants to reintroduce the Zim dollar to create room for abusing it by exchanging value (forex) with nothing (the Zim dollar). This served him very well in previous years but not this time. We wont condone that!

TJ Marashwa, Harare.

I WONDER why Gideon Gono did not introduce the gold/diamond measures to the Zim dollar last year when we the poor workers were paid useless Zim dollars. In the last months of 2008 some of us stopped bothering to collect the useless papers at the banks. Again has Gono forgotten that even with the Zim dollars we had problems with finding change? We don’t want to go back to that misery again. We now can afford the basics even if change is a problem  

TENDAI Biti should remain resolute and continue to say no to the re-introduction of the Zim dollar until there is real production.
Economist, Harare.

I URGE the responsible authorities to find a solution to the ever busy Harare-Beitbridge highway before many more lives are lost. It’s in an appalling state.
Wechikama, Mwenezi.
I WOULD like to know why a vehicle import duty waiver only applies to health workers at government institutions. I believe that we too in the private sector are an important pivot in the health delivery system. Mr Finance minister, we are also serving the nation.

WHY does Econet charge for undelivered text messages? It’s very unethical.
Econet customer.


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