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Moyo Should Stop Attacking our President

AS MDC Bulawayo Province, we condemn Jonathan Moyo’s unwarranted and unprovoked attack on our president, Professor Mutambara.

Who is he to question our president’s credentials as a principal? By so doing he is also looking down upon the people of Zimbabwe who voted for our party, MDC. He is also undermining Sadc and all leaders who initiated the GPA talks and are also guarantors.
Moyo is behaving like a spoilt child and also thinks he has a monopoly over wisdom, yet he is just a nobody in Zimbabwe’s political game. That is why he thinks making childish noise will attract attention of real political players who may hire him as a propagandist. Unfortunately everyone in Zimbabwe knows that he is a political turncoat. The reality and the truth Moyo should live with is that there are three ruling parties in Zimbabwe and three principals and one of them is Mutambara.
Moyo should understand that our president was elected at our Congress to lead the party and was not hired unlike him who was hired as a propagandist in the year 2000.
It is apparent that he has done more harm than good to this country. He should concentrate on serving his constituency of Tsholotsho North which he will definitely lose come the next elections.
We are therefore reminding Moyo to know that our president is busy running the country with the other co-principals and therefore he does not have the time to engage in mudslinging with political nobodies like Moyo. There is nothing wrong with our president reminding us where we come from as a country, politically. It’s a shame for a so-called political scientist to think whatever the Deputy Prime Minister says is to win MDC–T supporters. We are a political party on our own with our own values and principles and therefore, there is no way we can be the same with either MDC-T or Zanu PF although we are in government together. Jonathan Moyo is definitely a nobody in Zimbabwe’s political puzzle and the best he can do is to just shut up. He has lost political relevance.

Edwin Ndlovu,
MDC Secretary for Information & Publicity
(Bulawayo Province).

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