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We Should Only Forgive the Penitent

THE Masvingo branch of the MDC would like to reaffirm its full support to the MDC leadership and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s remarks during the recently held cabinet retreat in Nyanga.

To people like Jonathan Moyo who claim that our party president does not represent anyone we say Mutambara is the leader of a party with 10 MPs and we also have support from the other provinces besides Matabeleland.

Whilst our members and supporters are not as many as the case of the MDC-T and Zanu PF, the truth of the matter is that we are making in-roads countrywide.

Moyo’s utterances confirm the general belief that he is aligned to Zanu PF and that he and his associates are trying by all means to destroy our party as they think we are occupying their space.

We stand behind Mutambara’s utterances because he highlighted the madness that characterised last year’s elections but did not necessarily attack the person of Robert Mugabe or Zanu PF.

Surely the main reason why we have this creature called the GNU is because we agreed that the last elections were not free and fair. The objective of this government is to put in place a conducive environment for free and fair elections and to improve the standard of living of Zimbabweans.

Is it then a crime to say the truth when we all agree that for us to reconcile we need to be frank with one another and the truth indeed sets us free. We should only forgive and forget those who ask for forgiveness.

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