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OUR condolences to Regional Integration and International Cooperation Minister Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and her family over the sad and tragic loss of her husband Dr Chris Mushonga so soon after the death of Vice President Joseph Msika. Please do not despair but remain resolute in nation building as exemplified in the role you played in the formation of the GNU.
Forward ever, Bulawayo.

GOVERNMENT departments, especially Zimra and the Transport ministry, should tell us where the road toll funds (road access fees) that every light vehicle, heavy vehicle and bus have been paying for the past years have gone? There is no point in making road users throw their hard-earned money into a bottomless pit with no accountability or visible sign of the money being put to good use. Please account for what you have taken from us first before asking for more.

THE process of national healing should reach out to all Zimbabweans. The current process cannot succeed unless it is led by people without dented credentials.
    Chibox, Marondera.

IT’S appalling to note that “heroes” seem to be people aligned to Zanu PF. Why is hero status determined by Zanu PF’s politburo when it’s supposed to be a national matter?

IF Robert Mugabe claims to be a president who was popularly elected by the people because they love him, he should walk along the streets of Bulawayo and Harare without his bodyguards just for an hour. That would be a simple test of his popularity.

GIDEON Gono is a skilled money printer whose expertise is currently not being utilised. That’s why he is talking about bringing about the Zimbabwean dollar. My advice to him is that he should try the Herald –– I am sure they need an extra hand in their printing press.
Sam, Chinhoyi.

SINCE when did Gideon Gono realise that money is printed against gold deposits? Was he not the governor when money was being printed with reckless abandon? Printing money without gold deposits is tantamount to stealing from citizens (invisible taxation). It is also arrogant for Gono to label those opposed to him “arrogant” or “incompetent”. His incompetence speaks for itself!
Zero dollar.
GIDEON Gono  wants the Zimbabwean dollar to be brought back for his own gain. We will not be fooled by his claim that it would be in the public’s interest.
Economist, Harare.

GIDEON Gono must remember that it was the then acting-Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who introduced the multiple currency system. Even his most ardent of supporters had lost faith in the Zimbabwean dollar.

AS long as we have people like Gideon Gono, Johannes Tomana and George Charamba in this government certainly we must be wary of our tomorrow.
Washie Charamba, Hatclife.

THE MDC-T leadership is appearing to be more like the system they once opposed. First Morgan Tsvangirai said Robert Mugabe was an “indispensable” part of the GNU and Giles Mutsekwa claimed that the ZRP never banned demonstrations. For all those who support the “change government from within” mantra here’s simple logic for you: if you mix good and bad tomatoes you will eventually spoil the whole lot.

JOB Sikhala better rejoin the real MDC! I am sure he has now realised that  Morgan Tsvangirai is the true leader of the MDC.
Homes, Chivi.

ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Holdings should change to Zanu Broadcasting Corporation and should only expect the purchase of their licences
from none other than Zanu PF members.
Weary listener.

HARARE mayor Muchadeyi Masunda’s car and mayoral inauguration party are a tragic waste. That money could have bought two refuse trucks and the money spent on eats and drinks could have been bought food for thousands of orphans. They have boarded the gravy train.
Cleka weDowasuro.

WE are getting a raw deal from Zesa as electricity is available on average of six hours in Glen View per day. I wonder if it is still load shedding or shutdown! At the end of the month we pay US$30. Zesa is ripping us off.
Tau, Glen-View.

MANY commuter omnibus drivers are too young to be entrusted with passengers lives. Many of them are between 19 and 25 years of age especially those driving in Kuwadzana. The government is just turning a blind eye.
Concerned commuter.

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