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SikhalaRrebel With a Cause

I HAD the rare privilege of attending a Quill Club session a few days ago in town and former St Mary’s MP Job Sikhala happened to be the guest. 

The notion that had been planted in me that he was “lost” was quickly eradicated as he articulated his agenda, vision and mission amongst the scribes.  

I never knew he was such an intellectual powerhouse, a fluent speaker and a man with great promises of things to come.

His great insight and pluck in the midst of adversity left me not only bamboozled but dumbfounded. If this man is a “rebel” as they say, I concluded that he is a rebel with a cause.

I had always thought he was a lightweight and a “jobless” guy as his detractors want to say and I had always dismissed him with contempt.

I will  never judge  a book by its cover again  nor by  simply  hearing reports from  other people.

Herbert Mugwagwa,

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