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Replacement of Water Pipes Long Overdue

HATS off to the responsible authorities who are replacing the worn out water and sewer pipes in the city of Harare.

It seems that they have at last taken the issue of the city’s deteriorating health conditions into their hands and are now trying  to solve the problem.


Whilst the generality of the residents may complain that roads are being damaged through the trenches that are being dug where water and sewer pipes are laid, it is ultimately  for the best. I believe that the measures they are now taking have been long awaited.

A lot of lives have been lost, residents’ health deteriorated and the “Sunshine city” status of Harare gone due to the ever flowing water and sewage.

I was amazed to discover that the pipes that are being replaced were laid way before Independence whilst the city was relatively small and were meant to cater for the infrastructure and amount of people that were there at the time.

New houses and buildings were built as the years passed and these were incorporated into the old pipe system which was expected to absorb the extra volume without being upgraded.

The pipes that are now being replaced are battered and worn out –– evidence that the pipes could no longer cope with the demands of the growing population. I wonder if the previous administrations were serious when they were overlooking this problem.

It is true that when solving a problem another one is created, such as in this case roads are being damaged while changing the pipes, and there are now trenches all over which is a danger to motorists.

Hopefully the roads will be repaved as soon as they finish with the refurbishment of the water and sewer pipes all around the city.  

L C,

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