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Zanu PF Apologists Must Smell the Coffee

FOR anyone who attended the recent Zimbabwe Media Commission interviews pity was the only emotion to feel for Zanu PF apologists who failed dismally to understand that Zimbabwe is going through a transformation phase following the formation of the inclusive government.

It was really a sad sight to note that some Zanu PF-aligned academics were failing to comprehend that Zimbabwe is entering a new era.


 For instance instead of Tafataona Mahoso answering simple questions directed at him he decided to ask the panellists questions.

 This arrogance shows that Mahoso and other Zanu PF apologists like Chris Mutsvangwa are still living in a blinkered age where they think everyone will believe whatever nonsense they say.

It is surprising that despite all the booing that Mutsvangwa has received at most independent public meetings that he has been asked to speak at, he still remains blinkered.

Mutsvangwa and Mahoso should seriously look at themselves and reflect on the unpopularity of the policies they want to impose which resulted in the former’s dismal performance in the March 2008 parliamentary elections.
Agrippa Zvomuya,

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