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AS Zimbabweans we salute Joseph Msika for his commitment and dedication to the nation. We should continue to soldier on, emulating his good works for the benefit of the nation. Rest in peace qhawe lamaqhawe.
JWM, Bulawayo.

ATTRIBUTES of our “supreme leader”: stays put after losing an election, unleashes violence against innocent people, and blames sanctions for all his failures.

JONATHAN Moyo probably fitted the mafikizolos tag that the late VP Joseph Msika didn’t like. Talk of irony!
Ngwenya, Bulawayo.

TO Jonathan Moyo I say nobody believes that the history of this country began in 2000. Rather we acknowledge that things took a turn for the worse around 1999-2000 and there is nothing foolish about that.
MuGrade7, Marondera.

WILL someone please tell George Charamba that it is people like him who destabilise Zimbabwe, not Twitter, and that he will, after the next elections be out of a job.

ZIMBABWEANS are learned people and if Zanu PF keeps pressing lame charges against MDC MPs, it embarrasses itself. Zimbabweans are able to evaluate the truth and lies.

WHY push for the removal of Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana from their current posts when they have not deviated from the tenets of the inclusive government? They are part and parcel of the government regardless of their shortcomings.  To err is human!

POWER devolution is a good idea in the new constitution. I also subscribe to Dumiso Dabengwa’s view that there should be devolution of responsibilities to the provinces as we need better roads, schools, clinics and other services in Zaka which the central government is failing to provide.
Mockem Mageza, Bulawayo.

SINCE there is a minimum age limit for one to qualify for the post of president of 40 years, the constitution must have a maximum age limit of 65 years and allow only for two terms.

LET’S have the two constitutions; the Kariba draft vs the people-driven  for next year’s referendum.
Homes, Chibi.
A “HUMAN rights watcher” recently castigated the police for shooting down criminals. He should spare a thought for the victims, the orphans and widows left behind who the criminals leave in their wake.

I HEARD that Higher Education minister Stan Mudenge set up three committees to research on how to stop the flight of skilled manpower from Zimbabwe. Seriously, does that need research?

I URGE the responsible authorities to do something to improve the ever busy Harare–Beitbridge highway before many lives are lost. The road is in an appalling condition.
Wechikama, Mwenezi.

MY 18-month-old baby has never seen such a spectacle; our taps producing water. It’s the first time in her life to see it happen in her own home. She won’t forget August 6, 2009.

CAN the government deal with the issue of unemployed qualified nurses. They asked the nurses to come back from the diaspora and now that they are back, it seems like they are being punished. Do something about it.

SOME patients have stopped taking medication midway because of the conditions at collection clinics. There is no privacy whatsoever. A patient’s medical condition and history is discussed in front of other patients.

SOME banks are just ripping off clients. A US$10 charge for one transaction per month is just too much. Responsible authorities should look into this issue.
T Chilaz.

WHY are local mobile phone operators not offering any incentives to their customers. Instead they block lines periodically and charge high rates.

CAN Econet please explain why I am being billed for text messages that were not delivered? This is unfair, especially now when airtime is bought in foreign currency.
Economist, Harare.

RUTHLESS transport operators in Makoni West are milking commuters dry by overcharging. They are demanding US$3 per trip from Rusape to Goto, a journey of only 50km.
Cheated, Rusape.

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