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It’s a Weird World

COSTLY YAWN: A US man has been jailed for yawning “boisterously” in court.

Clifton Williams (33) was watching cousin Jason Mayfield plead guilty to a drug charge when he stretched and let out a yawn, reports the Chicago Tribune.
Judge Daniel Rozak sentenced Mayfield to two years’ probation in Joliet, Illinois, then sentenced Williams to six months in jail.
Williams’ father complained: “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t realise a judge could do that. It seems to me like a yawn is an involuntary action.” –– Ananova.

WIDOW FURY: About 200 women marched through the Nepali capital on Monday to denounce a government scheme to pay cash incentives to men for marrying widows, witnesses said.
Nepal’s centre-left coalition announced a plan last month to pay men the equivalent of US$650 for marrying widows, angering the widows.
On Monday women shouting slogans such as “You can’t sell your mother,” and “We don’t want government dowries,” marched toward a government complex that houses the prime minister’s office.
The government says the scheme seeks to help widows who face social and cultural barriers in a majority-Hindu society. –– Reuters.

HENPECKED: A Chinese lorry driver jumped into a fast-flowing river because he couldn’t take his wife’s nagging anymore.
Zhou and his wife were on a ferry on the Yangtze River when it all became too much for him, reports the Chongqing Evening Post.
Members of the ship’s crew saw the man suddenly run out of his cabin with his hands covering his ears, and shouting: “I can’t stand it any longer.”
They initially thought he was suffering from an ear injury and went to help him but found he was unhurt.
“While we were still puzzling over this, his wife ran up and continued nagging him,” said one crewmate.
“The husband covered his ears again and said: ‘I need a break’ before jumping over the side into the rushing river.”–– Ananova.

SOUL BEDMATE: A Nigerian man who says he cannot get a girlfriend because of his bad stutter has announced plans to marry his pillow.
Okeke Ikechukwu (26) a labourer, from Lagos, told the Daily Metro that his stammer made it difficult for him to speak to girls.
“I have needs, and so I have taken to sleeping with my pillow in my arms ever since I was 16. I have fallen in love with it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life with it.”
“I think it will make the ideal mate for me,” he said. –– Ananova.

FAT CHANCE!:  An obese prisoner in Harris County, Texas, has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm after he was discovered to be hiding a 9mm pistol in between his rolls of fat, local media reported.
George Vera, who weighs around 225kgs, was originally arrested last week for selling counterfeit CDs, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.
A police spokesman told the Chronicle that Vera was searched three times over the course of his arrest and booking at the jail but managed to conceal the handgun with his rolls of fat until it was discovered in the shower. –– AFP.

WINDING DRESS: A Chinese bride has made a bid for the record books, turning up to her wedding wearing a 2,162m-long gown.
More than 200 guests took over three hours to unroll Lin Rong’s wedding train, which stretched nearly 2.2km and pin on 9,999 red silk roses for her wedding, Xinhua news agency said.
Groom Zhao Peng said he wanted to challenge the current world record of 1,579m. –– AFP.

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