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Is the Herald now seeing the light?

I WAS very intrigued to read an editorial in the Herald which was blasting attempts by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono to bring the Zimbabwe dollar back into circulation.

As Zimbabweans we have suffered because of what Gono did to the Zimbabwean dollar and which led to its demise. The Herald staffers should be congratulated for telling Gono like it is.
Although some of its reporters are known to be Gono bootlickers, for once the Herald had the nerve that enough is enough of his weird monetary policies.
 I hope that the stance they took is a sign that the Herald has finally seen the light and realised that Zanu PF is only trying to use the newspaper as its mouthpiece whilst scuttling the will of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe –– who have since rejected the party.
 It looks like Zanu PF-aligned officials including Gono, do not want to heed calls by Finance Minister, Tendai Biti and Economic Planning and Investment Promotion  minister Elton Mangoma that the Zimbabwean dollar is dead and buried for the time being.
Trymore Mazhambe,

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