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ZTA’s Hunting Charges too High

DOES the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) understand that hunting operators already pay 2% of their trophy fee to the National Parks, plus 2% of the daily rate –– which covers all the amenities to ZTA. Now we are required to pay yet another 2% of the trophy fee to ZTA.

This makes a total of 6% on top of the original cost of a hunt.  
ZTA claim this must be added to the client’s invoice and then passed onto ZTA.
By comparison with neighbouring states who also offer hunting and with whom we have to compete, ZTA have now priced Zimbabwe out of the overseas market. I wonder if these government bodies understand the implications of the global recession.
It means that people who might have overlooked the political unrest, shortages, and low reputation of Zimbabwe, will now find somewhere else to go and hunt because it has become uncompetitive and they can find a better deal elsewhere.
 ZTA is supposed to assist tourism and hunting, not kill it.  
Bemused Hunter,

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