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Warm up August With Laughter

THIS August BBC Entertainment presents DStv viewers with a host of hilarious British comedy featuring The Visit, After You’ve Gone, Lab Rats and My Hero which is guaranteed to keep the blues away and fill your home with laughter.

DStv audiences can tune in for The Visit, a comedy about a group of banged-up petty crooks and the family, friends –– and fiends –– who visit them each week.
Set almost entirely in a visiting room, the comic tension flows from a three-way dynamic between the prisoners, their family and friends, and the under-valued prison officers. It’s about relationships under pressure.
After You’ve Gone returns to BBC Entertainment on Tuesdays at 20:00 CAT (from August 4). The series follows the trying times of Jimmy Venables, the only man in Britain to have divorced his wife and ended up with his mother-in-law!
In this season Jimmy finds that, with his ex-wife staying in Africa, what he thought of as the temporary domestic arrangement of looking after the kids in tandem with his mother-in-law, is likely to become permanent.
Shocked by the idea of spending the rest of his natural life with his mother-in-law Jimmy resolves to be a “proper” Dad.  He sets out with good intentions, but before long his work suffers, social life suffers, and ultimately Jimmy suffers. As the children struggle for more freedom, the mother-in-law struggles to tighten her grip on the family, and Jimmy just struggles on.
And struggle in definitely what the characters of Lab Rats which airs from Wednesday August 5 (20:00 CAT). The series revolves around the occupants of the Arnolfini Research Laboratory. Heading up the lab is Professor John Mycroft, winner of the Nobel Prize for something that is never specified and since he won it, 20 years ago, he’s hardly lifted a finger.
If you prefer fantasy combined with your comedy then My Hero is just for you!
Tune in every Thursday at 8pm and join Thermoman as he attempts save the earth. Alias George Sunday, the superhero is a native of the planet Ultron and has become a consummate juggler. Not of balls, nor batons or even pineapples, but of jobs.
Slipping seamlessly from one role to another, George has become very good at dividing his time between being a superhero and trying to keep his health food shop afloat. But what happens when it all catches up with him? Keep watching to find out.
Tune in for these and other fantastic programmes on BBC Entertainment (DStv channel 120) this August.

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