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VID Masvingo must be probed. We all know that Mhunga buses were no longer roadworthy but they were always deemed roadworthy.

Observer, Harare.

THE current constitution including its 19 amendments should be published as was done with the Kariba draft. It’s logical to start from there. A people-driven process requires that we know what it is that requires changing.
Transparent, Harare.  

IS the MDC going to meekly stand by and watch whilst their MPs lose their seats on trumped up charges. There are far more Zanu PF MP’s guilty of countless  offences. What a farce!

I WANT to advise all MDC-T MPs to hand themselves over to the nearest police station and be arrested before we read about them in the next issue of the Herald.
Patriot, Zengeza.

A TYPICAL ZBC news bulletin will be framed  like this very soon at this rate: “The commander-in-chief of the defence forces, head of state and government, first secretary and supreme leader of Zanu PF, chancellor of UZ, Nust, Chinhoyi University, MSU, Zou et al, patron of Zimbabwe Cricket,  Baba vaBona, His Excellency Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe has arrived back in the country.
Kufa nekuseka.

ZANU PF officials really mean it when they say “we took the nation by the bullet” . Only that they do not mean liberating us from colonialism; they mean taking the country from us, the rightful owners. Fellow Zimbabweans let us fight to reclaim our country.
Peasant, UMP.

THE inclusive government should last for only two years, we are told. How then are the MPs going to repay the US$30 000 loans they are making? We are now seeing the true colours of these politicians.
R Mugidiza.

I WILL never forget Jonathan Moyo’s five-year “reign of terror” on the freedom of the media as Information Minister. It shocks me to discover that some people –– come election time –– still vote for him.

THE heroic and epic struggle that ushered in our Independence has been severely scarred by the brutality and deprivation of the recent past. We should postpone this year’s Heroes holiday.
A COMMISSION of enquiry should be set up to investigate officers involved in shootings to curb the excesses of trigger happy officers. There is seemingly wanton disregard for the life of criminals by the police force.
Human rights watcher.

I AM looking for my long lost sister Charity Ndlovu. She used to stay at KG6 with her uncle. Anyone with information on her whereabouts please call 023 333 329.
Concerned Relative.

MY daughter wrote 11 ‘O’ Level subjects at Lydia Chimonyo Girls High school. When the results came only one subject result was on the results slip. Where are the other 10 results coming? Can someone explain?
Concerned Parent.

THE government should address the plight of returning teachers now. We have had no salary since March and again in August there has been no salary. We are dying of hunger. What really is the problem?

CAN the government come up with packages to lure back college lecturers. The nation can no longer afford to lose any more.
Mr Mzimba.

WHY is the City of Harare not sorting out Warren Hills Cemetery’s crematorium? It is shocking that we no longer have any crematorium in the capital city!

CAN the powers that be at Delta beverages give us an explanation as to why there is such an acute let-up in beer supply? We now go for weeks without getting any supplies at all from our wholesalers. We can’t all queue at your depots where there is rampant corruption.

IF Delta Beverages cannot meet 30% of beer demand in winter, what will be the situation in summer –– considering that it’s only a month to summer and there are no signs of any improvements or explanations.
Mutengesi Mkuru.

I DO not understand why I should pay a fixed charge to Zesa, an amount which is higher than my actual monthly electricity usage.
Rip off, Mutare.

THERE is no water in Athlone, Greendale. Wells have run dry and yet water bills continue to come. We are threatened with lawsuits over non-payment of a service we are not receiving. May the powers that be come to our aid.

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