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Security Forces Should Respect the People’s will

THE National Security Council (NSC) is of paramount importance and without order and discipline within the top brass we are bound to have no progress as a nation.

National interest should in this Government of  National Unity (GNU) era take precedence over political motives. We have suffered for a long time and it is high time we put our heads together –– as a nation –– and put our house in order. We enjoy the support of a lot of African, Asian and European countries who are keen to see our economy revived.
However, we still have a very shaky GNU because of some pretenders who are still undermining it.
Every leader in the GNU –– regardless of political affiliation –– must work out a solution to heal the ailing nation. They also deserve to be respected so that the bread and butter issues can be worked on instead of partisan squabbles.
The NSC has been there for a long time and did nothing to stop the destruction, looting and killing that was going on. Now they have a chance to make amends with the new blood that has been injected in the government. They should all pull together and ensure that all Zimbabweans enjoy the peace and prosperity that we so desperately need.
As a nation we all fought the war of liberation together. The soldiers should remember that they had no food packs but our chickens and beasts brought them sustenance and that was never replaced at all. Yet they still insist that they liberated this country! I do not see any freedom, democracy and peace when we still cannot express our opinions openly, elections are dictated by one party and human rights breached on a daily basis.
To be in the army or any of the uniformed forces does not imply that one has the right to induce fear in the public but rather should protect and serve them.
Even if the incumbent administration is changed they are supposed to serve in the new government. Soon after Independence we had a lot of people from the previous Ian Smith government operating in various government departments. Ultimately the power resides with the people. The security forces should always bear that in mind.

Enos Chikukwa,

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