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Govt to Produce 100-Day Plan Report –– Mutambara

THE government will in the next two weeks produce a report outlining progress and achievements under the 100-Day Plan, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara said yesterday.

Speaking at the launch of the Zimbabwe Independent’s Quoted Companies Survey 2009 whose theme is “Transformation”, Mutambara –– who was responding to a question by Africa Sun CEO Shingi Munyeza on why government had not reported back to the public on progress on the 100-Day Plan –– said the report would provide a sector by sector synopsis of achievements of  the GNU under the plan which expired this week. He said it was imperative that government be run like business with progress evaluated periodically.
“Government in the next two weeks will release a report. We need to monitor and evaluate progress. This report will enable (President) Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and myself to have a clearer picture of the health of the country,” said Mutambara.
Responding to another question, Mutambara also revealed that government was working to review indigenisation legislation to make it investor friendly. He said the best measure for such legislation would be to subject local investors to similar legislation and see if they could do business under that legislative framework. He said the eventual legislation should include input from the private sector. He however warned that any policy framework must ensure that local people have ownership of resources to enable the growth of the middle-class.
“The strength of any economy is measured by the participation of the middle class,” he said. “Indeginisation is a global phenomenon and not something unique to Zimbabwe.”
In an earlier address Mutambara said Zimbabwe needed transformation that ensured maximum performance of all sectors of the economy to attract foreign investors. He said it was time government and the private sector “make positive things happen and not just seeing them happening in other countries and wonder how they are happening in other countries”.
“We have had so many seminars, strategic meetings and forums, but it is time to act and transform this country,” he said. “Zimbabweans are now known for talking too much but less action. We should speak as one. When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.”
Guest speaker at the launch, businessman Herbert Nkala said recent events in Zimbabwe had ushered in positive transformation.
He said the transformation and excitement is fuelled by the recognisation that Zimbabwe was a blessed and richly endowed country.
“Transformation is in three dimensions, thought, feeling and action. It is no longer time to fight unnecessary battles. The best way to predict the future is to create it for ourselves,” Nkala said.
Nkala implored on the government to listen to private sector concerns instead of fighting business. Describing business leaders present at the function as a library, Nkala urged government to tap into that resource to help develop the country.
Nkala said transformation anywhere in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people
Zimind Publishers chairman Trevor Ncube said Zimbabweans were a resilient people adding that they should be remembered for that.
“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so does Zimbabwe, for Zimbabwe is for us. The revolution that will save this country is ultimately a personal one,” Ncube said.
Chairperson of the Securities Commission Willia Bonyongwe said a transformation that attracts foreign investors and more investment opportunities was now needed in Zimbabwe.
“There is still uncertainty with regards to investing in Zimbabwe by some foreign investors. We need transformation between shareholders and companies. Listed companies need to distinguish themselves. They should be more concerned with increasing capacity more than margins,” she said.
The Quoted Companies Survey has been running for the past 11years and has been sponsored by BancABC (formerly ABC) for the last five years. –– Staff Writer.

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